Friday, 5 July 2013

Gurt - Hoboreaper

Remember the heady days of CD singles when you'd buy a copy of a track you already owned just to hear the not-really-worth-it remix or a couple of live tracks recorded somewhere you'd never heard of? London filth merchants Gurt sure do. Their latest release is a limited CD single to tide us over 'til their full-length debut is released next year.

I don't think I've bought a single in the past decade but based on the swampy stomp of 'Hoboreaper', I think that trend is about to change. Opening with a demented martial beat and a see-sawing riff, this tightly-wound sound isn't what I was expecting in the slightest. Definitely an attention grabber. When Gareth Kelly's glass-shard-vomiting vocals kick in, it sounds bizarre atop the crazed march of the music.

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