My voracious appetite for music has led me to make many decisions in my life that a lot of people might question.
I’ve chosen to buy records rather than eat a dinner that wasn’t bread and butter. I’ve gone to gigs instead of going to friends’ birthday parties. I quit a steady job to fill a backpack with band t-shirts and set off around Europe going to every festival I was sick of missing year after year because of so-called ‘real life’.
But to me it all makes perfect sense.

I started this blog with no agenda other than to have somewhere to type out my over-enthusiastic reactions, whether positive or negative, to the physical releases I've seen fit to spend my hard-earned money on.

I didn't want it to be just another of the endless cold, clinical, overly analytical review blogs that deride and classify bands based on genre, scene, or popularity, there will be no reductionary marks out of ten, nor out-of-five-stars.
I wanted it to be about true passion for music, the way it should be heard; from the scrape of a needle, the creaking wheels of a tapedeck, or even decoded by laser from one of those fancy shiny discs.

I also contribute to other sites, check out my reviews and ramblings over at Echoes and Dust, Summoning Spirits, The Sleeping Shaman and Black Sunday Magazine.

So dig into my collection, and hopefully you'll unearth your new favourite band or album.

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