Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Death Wish Kids - There's Nothing in School They Can't Teach You On The Streets 7"

Death Wish Kids, named after the Poison Idea song of the same name, were a chaotic, screeching, snotty seizure of a band, who were only around for a coupla years before they broke up. During that time they only released this 7" of fast, abrasive punk rock.

Pulling no punches, the record opens with the scree of feedback, driving bass and drums, before the guitar gets itself together long enough to spew out the minute-long 'AA'.

No pause for breath before discordant guitar intros the next track, 'Hood'. More verging-on-out-of-control music backs some classic bratty adolescent lyrics on this track:
'if you wanna drink... fucking drink
if you want to gamble... fucking gamble
if you want something... fucking steal it
live your life don't let anyone get in your fucking way...'
Pure poetry. Vocalist Andrea Zollo's terrifying terrier delivery doesn't give you too much chance to decipher and deeply think about what she's saying, it's all about how she says it.

The next minute of howled angsty fury, '13' goes by much the same, three chords and a whole lot of fuck you.

The second side opens with 'Lucky'; more piercing feedback, Dann Galluci eshewing actually playing the guitar in favour of just letting it ring out messily. Zollo's lyrics would have terrified any meathead sexist pigs who saw them play during their brief tenure as a band, threatening to 'fuck your shit up' and 'get your head kicked in' if anyone tried anything untoward. Pure bile and righteous fury.

'Outsider' is almost easy-listening in comparison to the rest of the record, featuring a yelled gang vocal chorus that verges on melodic. It's all over in 54 seconds though, so the respite is brief.

Next up is a cover of OG punks The Vibrator's 'Whips & Furs', so yeah... it sounds like a more insane version of that, basically.

Closing with 'Traitor', a song you might be familiar with if you're a fan of the band that two Death Wish Kids went on to form, they end the record only eight minutes after it began. An old home video clip of this song was shown in a few seconds of Rock & Roll Won't Wait, the Murder City Devils documentary, showing the band playing what looks like an instore show to a bunch of mid-90s punk creeps in Screeching Weasel jerseys. They spend most of the few seconds of footage thrashing both limbs, guitar necks and shoving audience members around. Pure chaos.

After Death Wish Kids broke up, Dann Galluci went on to form Murder City Devils with DWK bassist Derek Fudesco. After MCD broke up a few years later, Fudesco was back playing with Andrea Zollo in Pretty Girls Make Graves. When THEY broke up, Galluci and Zollo became involved with ex-Murder City Devil Spencer Moody in the awesomely named Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death. Murder City Devils occasionally reunite to play shows in America which I will never get to see. Expectations for a Death Wish Kids reunion, however, are low.

I have no idea where you'd get a hold of this record these days, try eBay and discogs, the usual nerdy outlets.
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